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Just Haven't Met You Yet 50
Marry Me
To say that Erin Shepard was shocked would be a minor understatement. Her breath hitched in her throat at the sight before her. Nothing she had ever seen could have prepared the brunette spectre for this.
Garrus Vakarian knelt before her, offering a small velvet box as though she were some sort of goddess. Inside the box was a silver ring that upon closer inspection, sparkled with miniscule diamonds that formed a trail to a little etching of the Normandy. It was like the engraved ship was soaring through the galaxy, a trail of diamond stardust glittering behind.
As he held his breath, Garrus felt a wave of fear sweep through his chest. Shepard was silent, but tears had begun to form at the corners of her eyes. Mildly alarmed, he lowered the ring. "Shepard, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to pressure you, this was really soon…I mean, this is what Tali told me was traditional…she never mentioned tears…look, if you want, I'll put this away and we won't talk abou
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Just Haven't Met You Yet 49
Make You Feel My Love
Garrus practically sprinted out of the elevator. He half wished this Normandy still had stairs to run up, so as to release a bit more energy, but alas, no such luck. But after talking to Tali and making a few calls, he needed to get Shepard before he totally lost his nerve.
He froze, his eyes locked onto where Shepard was staring at two data pads spread before her desk. Her hands were twined in her hair, obviously frustrated. Question pushed aside, he knelt beside Erin's chair. "Shepard, what's wrong?"
Raising her tired eyes, the spectre sighed. "I just got two more dossiers from Cerberus. Two more people they want to come with me…and of course, I'm sure they come with all sorts of emotional baggage…"
Before she could get another word out, Garrus pulled her close. Mildly startled, Shepard paused, then leaned in and returned the embrace. "Thanks Garrus."
Pulling away to look at her, the Turian was obviously worried, his mandibles flut
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Just Haven't Met You Yet 48
I Run To You
Garrus's voice startled the poor Quarian, causing her to jump a clean foot in the air. She turned, her tone full of displeasure. "Keelah, Garrus. You couldn't have approached a little more quietly?"
Further reprimand died in her throat as she stared at the Turian. Garrus looked nervous and he fumbled with his talons. Softening, the lilac clad Quarian stepped away from her terminal. "What's going on Garrus?"
"I need your help." His voice seemed to hum with something akin to apprehension.
Now thoroughly intrigued, Tali nodded enthusiastically. "All right then. What do you need help with?"
The Turian's ice blue eyes flickered over to where Gabby and Donnelly were pretending to work, but obviously eavesdropping. He took Tali's wrist and pulled her towards the elevator. "Come with me. We'll get more privacy in the Main Battery."
Quickly the pair made their way into the Main Battery, with Garrus locking the door behind them. He fluttered his mandibles into a qu
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Just Haven't Met You Yet 46
I Could Get Used to This
On a ship like the Normandy, one would suspect that it would be very hard to avoid running into someone for too long. Shepard and Garrus just seemed to keep missing each other, never quite being at the same place at the same time.
For her part, Shepard was busy working on repairs down in the cargo bay. It was a slow process which was slowed even further by the fact that most of the crew was still on leave. But after the Shadow Broker mission Shepard was determined to have it fixed sooner rather than later.
Rubbing at her eyes, the brunette sighed heavily. Sleep deprivation was causing her vision to blur and double, but there was no time for sleep, she needed to get these repairs done.
"Shepard, what are you doing?"
Miranda and Jacob had approached the other woman without her noticing, which was surprising in itself since Shepard usually was very good at knowing when she was being snuck up on. Erin didn't turn, but kept tooling with the components. "Wo
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Just Haven't Met You Yet 45
The Way I Am
Thane Krios was the kind of man that any woman would have killed to have. He was smart, hard working, devoted, and a stand up guy despite his status as an assassin. To some degree, he knew that most women thought of him this way and since the death of his wife, he'd tried to ignore it, labeling it as a distraction.
What he hadn't counted on was falling for a woman who didn't view him this way.
The Drell fully accepted this fact at first, but as he spent more time with Shepard he found himself more and more attracted to the human. She smiled and laughed with aliens just as easily as she did with her own kind. In many ways, Erin Shepard reminded Thane of Iruka, perhaps reincarnated into a different form.
He'd tried pursuing her, attempting to lead the Spectre down the path towards a relationship, despite the short time they would have together. Still, Erin had never responded favorably, either willingly or unknowingly ignoring the advances. Eventually Thane tried t
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Just Haven't Met You Yet 44
Garrus sat in the mess hall, playing with his food. In the back of his mind, he was still fuming over what Shepard had done. How dare she go through his private communications! Who gave her the right to do that?
Still, he had to admit that he felt…well, sort of shitty for blowing up at her. Not that she hadn't deserved it, he reasoned, but he missed her. And maybe the jab about Thane had been a bit of a low blow but she had been all over him. How did she expect the Turian to react?
Resignedly pushing away his food, Garrus glanced around the mess. Since Shepard had given the crew the day off they had congregated here to chat and enjoy themselves, making the room much noisier than usual. Usually Garrus would be hiding out in the Main Battery but for some reason he wanted to be out here, relaxing.
Taking a look around, the Turian let his gaze fall on where Jacob and Miranda were seated together. The dark haired woman was trying to play the part of commanding office
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Met You Yet 43
Basket Case
After leaving the Shadow Broker's old lair behind and in the care of Liara, the team seemed to kick repair efforts up a notch. The ship had barely made it from the Citadel to Illium, much less the trip from Illium to the Shadow Broker's lair. This meant that Shepard and Garrus had barely seen each other due to the flurry of activity. Still, when they did manage to steal away a minute or two Shepard felt…frustrated with her Turian boyfriend. She could tell he knew she was upset about something but she didn't want to say anything until they had more time together. And it wasn't anything he'd done, but…
Liara had left her information about her crew from the Shadow Broker and Shepard, curious as she was, couldn't resist looking through the data. What she had found was…enlightening was an understatement. From Miranda's desperate search for a child to the things Garrus had never told her…it was mostly that last bit that had her on edge.
His last
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Irresponsible by Starfire619 Irresponsible :iconstarfire619:Starfire619 2 0 A Slender Kiss by Starfire619 A Slender Kiss :iconstarfire619:Starfire619 5 4 Deterrant by Starfire619 Deterrant :iconstarfire619:Starfire619 2 0
The Hardest Goodbye
The Hardest Goodbye
Had you told Erin that the man she considered her best friend would be leaving her three years ago, she would have politely told you that it was utter nonsense. But as she sat in the observation deck, fingers tracing little patterns over the arm of her wheelchair, that was exactly what she'd been told. James was going to become the leader of his own team...Green Team. And she was still here...on Blue Team.
While she was glad to be with the same team she'd been with for the majority of her life, Erin couldn't help but feel...well, bitter. She had always been the second in command of Blue Team, so if the brass wanted to pick someone to head a new team, why not take her?
The young woman turned in her seat to see the very person she'd just been thinking about approaching. Even at fourteen, James looked more like an Olympic athlete than the awkward teenager that he truly was. He jammed his hands into the pockets of his dress uniform, a small lopsided grin gracing
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Reach by Starfire619 Reach :iconstarfire619:Starfire619 3 5
I'll Be Home For Christmas
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Winter was never Erin Shepard's favorite season. It was cold and miserable and she couldn't get out as much. As a child she'd had to spend winters huddling in alleys and soup kitchens so she wouldn't freeze to death in the bitter Midwest winters.
However, aboard the Normandy winter was different. There was no snow, no bitter winds, no temperatures below freezing…
In a way, Shepard almost missed the winters of her childhood.
Kelly Chambers had insisted that the crew celebrate winter holidays, so the whole ship was decked out in garland, ornaments, fake snow, and candles despite Miranda's protest that they could be a fire hazard. The thermostat had even been turned down enough so that everyone was forced into warmer clothes, their breath condensing in little clouds before their faces.
To Erin's surprise, Liegon, Tali, and EDI had all gotten very into the theme, going so far as to rig up a device that made it 'snow' on the observation deck. Sa
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Just Haven't Met You Yet 42
Long Shot
Gliding through the darkness of space, the Normandy approached a small planet hidden away in the edge of the galaxy. Hovering in orbit, the crew dispatched the Kodiak and descended into the atmosphere. In the back, Garrus sat across from Shepard and Liara. The Asari was quiet, glancing out the window as they entered a massive thunderstorm, eventually coming up alongside a massive ship.
"Havalas," She said simply, "The oceans boil during the day, then snap freeze ten minutes after sundown."
Shaking her head in disbelief, Shepard looked out the window. "The Shadow Broker lives in this?"
With a shrug, Liara shifted in her seat. "His ship follows the sunset, completely undetectable in the storm…unless you know where to look."
While the storm buffeted the little craft, Shepard crossed her arms over her chest. "So how do we get inside?"
"The shuttle bay is locked down. We need to land on the ship and hunt for a hatch." Both women stood and approached the window,
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Just Haven't Met You Yet 41
Stand In The Rain
Shepard groaned and rolled over as her personal terminal shrilly screamed at her. Oh yeah, she definitely hated that thing now. Beside her, Garrus made a muffled noise into the pillow, snaking an arm around her waist to pull her back towards his warm body before she could even try to get out of bed.
"Mmmm…let it be Erin. It's too early for checking messages."
Chuckling, the brunette spectre was tempted to agree with Garrus except the alarm going off was one she had set specifically for priority mail. "I'll compromise. I'll stay here with you and check it on my Omni tool."
The Turian beside her didn't remove his hand, but mumbled something that sounded like 'acceptable,' so Shepard powered up the orange device.
Normally Garrus would have tried to go back to sleep when Shepard was taking care of official business but when she grew tense under his touch, he removed his face from the pillow, blue eyes blearily searching for hers. "Shep, what's wrong?"
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Just Haven't Met You Yet 40
A Million Kisses</b>
Erin Shepard was surprisingly comfortable dressing battle wounds and being covered in gore. What she wasn't comfortable with was changing clothes in front of her boyfriend.
Garrus was reclining on her bed, pawing through a human novel as Shepard changed into pajamas in the bathroom. Still, she chattered away from where she toweled off her face at the sink. "Honestly, I'm not sure what Alenko thought he could do today…he'd left me before and just been annoying and he thought that he could get away with that? Laughable!"
She emerged from the bathroom, her chocolate brown locks pulled back into a short ponytail. Amused, the commander paused at the top of the stairs, gazing down at Garrus. The Turian was staring down a hardcover novel, his mandibles clenched tightly in frustration. He tore his gaze away from the book to meet Shepard's eyes.
"Pride and Prejudice?"
Heaving a sigh, Shepard lazily strolled down the steps. "That's a fantastic book. One of my
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Okay, so it's taken me long enough, but I've decided to start selling some of my art through the DA prints program.

If you're a fan of Shepard, Divide and Conquer, Xulan Keep, or Moonlight, you can buy any of those in the store as prints, mugs, coasters, and so much more!

Honestly I'm hoping this brings in at least a little money. I don't expect much (I'm working two jobs anyways) but it's nice to try.

If you have a suggestion for anything you'd like to see made and put into the shop or a deviation of mine you'd like to see in the shop, let me know! I'll put it up ASAP.
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